About ME, Two

As you may already understand, Dale Broste and NoMoHype are about helping people.  I created the name NoMoHype (dba), because we ALL need NO more Hype (assuredly less than we have).  I will never use Hype.  I used the TAG “Help ME, Help YOU” in past years, and it still applies now.

Personally, my background is engineering, Field Service engineering, some Mechanical & Electrical design, Project Engineering, Maintenance Engineering.  I spent a great deal of my career on contracts in Water and Waste Water Treatment plant upgrades, Automotive Manufacturing upgrades, Commercial Building Control Systems Commissioning (this one fell apart, before it got through construction) and Maintenance management.  I bring “this” information to you so you have some idea where I came from, and that I am not Hype.  Oh, I was raised on a wheat farm in North Dakota.

After many years of exploring many small and home businesses and actually qualifying for bankruptcy in late 99 into 2000, I believe I now have found what I am looking for and what I can honestly and ethically introduce to you.  I have used, and continue to use many products that I have encountered in my serious quest.  I have lost money though.  I do not recoup my losses from new customers as that would not be ethical.

I need customers and will be helping my customers save money, improve their health and their immediate environment.

If you are a Parent or Grand Parent of school age kids you need to explore this.

Presently I am doing marketing for a large manufacturing company, who has an on line direct sales store.  At this store, all customers (including me) will shop for better products at a better price (saving) which will improve their home environment (ecology), resulting in improved (health).  It really is a win win win situation, and the big winner is your family.

I look forwarding to talking with you and determining how we can work together.

Sincerely…  My name is Dale O. Broste and I can be contacted at 314.740.7235 or DOBroste@Charter.Net  you have my blog page already www.NoMoHype.com (you are here already).