This is NOT a horse Race…

We are not running a horse race here…

We are “charged with” Electing a President to Help (yes I said Help) lead the nation out of our Economic and Financial Ruin. I used the phrase “Charged with” as we have the responsibility as citizens to vote responsibly to elect a president. WE are not picking a winner, as in a horse race; we are Electing a President based on logic, charisma, beliefs and personal history.

The various “parties” that promote candidates are charged with securing potential candidates for us “WE the people” to vote on. I am not sure why they are called Parties. If they (the parties) do an outstanding job, they may have a winner.

Now let us determine HOW we are going to arrive at the decision of whom to place our vote for. As I see it, this is about filtering through the Hype and Lies when it gets down to it. The media stirs things up and makes it much less clear who we could vote for. I did not say “Should vote for” I said “Could Vote for”; as in passing all our own personal litmus tests.

I like using analogies, and this may be a fairly good one here.

How about IF our country and our society had as series of Lie Detectors which were used to filter and separate the lies, records (history) and deceits told to us by various candidates (frequently repeated by the media). Maybe think of an HR Department filtering applicants for a position they need to fill at Xyz Company.

IF, this were the case, the objective of today’s media and the job they should continue to perform would be to UN-distort and UN-confuse the voting public. How is the media doing so far? Our Lie Detectors would then need to determine which candidate has the best degree of accuracy.

WE as Americans as a Voting Public are the brains behind the process of selecting and voting on this candidate. We are missing the boat completely if we vote based upon the present day filtered process of the media or any political or religious affiliations.

WE are the filter, WE are the individuals “Charged with” selecting and voting on our personal selected individual.

The entire process is based upon the knowledge of WE the People. WE decide, WE learn, WE listen, WE observe, and WE ask questions etc., until WE are decided on who should get our vote. It is then these votes that elect the candidate to be our president.

Side Note: after the fact, modern day Congress is charged with, (and failing miserably) holding meetings with their constituents and Learning what WE the people want the elected officials to do for us.

I believe that between Politics, Government and Media they have each played a big part in confusing WE the People, to the point that we do not know who said what, who is doing what or what caused the issues we need to recover from. Notice I gave negative credit to the Media and the Politicians, AND equally included the Government.

I do not, never did understand the value of the Electoral College (that is a government issue that needs to be removed.) Why do we need or want a “decision maker” beyond what WE the People decide.

IF we have 320 million in our population, and we assume that half of them are qualified to vote (160 million), AND that of this population we have 80million votes cast (great year), then we have a decision.

The END of issue, election over, do the inauguration and get on with the business of pulling our nation out of the Emotional, Political, Economic and Financial Power Dive that we are in.

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