Are you a marketer or copywriter?

Unique Selling Proposition – “Help ME, Help YOU”

“If you are you a marketer or copywriter, Do you feel like you have ever spent too much time researching when you could be focusing on other high-value activities (like writing or marketing)?

“Help me, help you.”  I will search the Internet for information on your targeted topic, and give you the most relevant results which you can quickly use as you draft your marketing message.”

1. My name is Dale Broste, and I do not believe in Fluff, Hype, Bait-n-Switch, Lie’s and BS etc. I will verify (validate) my sources and tailor my research to the RRD, (so this is very important).

2. I will ask you to fill out a short Research Request Document (RRD) providing specific information, key words, phrases & questions.   I am an AWAI Trained Internet Researcher.

3. After my research. I will provide to you a Research Delivery Document (RDD) providing to you the specific information that you have requested. I will cite all sources for your usage.

4. Please comment below if there is a question or interest.  We can discuss deadlines, hours expected, research pages expected, rates etc. We can complete and sign an agreement on what we are each going to do within a timeline.

5. I will then send you the Research Request Document (RRD) and research can begin as soon as I have that in my hands.

PS: I sincerely look forward to working with you and being of service to you. Alternative Health is my preferred niche, but I have done others.

PPS: Internet and eMail security “privacy” of my clients are of utmost importance at all times in any efforts we undertake. Please reference this letter in your subject line when you respond.

PPS:  I accept and appreciate referrals too.


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