THE EXPENDABLES 2 (having fun)…

THE EXPENDABLES 2, – with Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and more. WOW…

To: all my friends, and movie lovers everywhere, especially within the last 2 decades.

WOW, I appreciated this movie, and wanted to share it with movie lovers that I know and respect, particularly those in the generations where these actors were on screen nearly every week (it felt that way anyway). We grew up with them.

Dear; brother Glenn…

I promise that you will appreciate and get excited about this movie as I did. You will appreciate where they are in life now, and that they came back for their fans, as my wife and I and friends came back for them.

My wife and I went with with another couple. We laughed, we Cried, we Remembered growing up with these guys (well at least after they invented movies and we were allowed to see “these movies”).

My bet is that you will do the same. It was great. I know you will appreciate it, as will you family and friends.

Can you visualize Arnold and crew zip lining through the jungle under fire yet, and coming directly into the thick of the gun fire.

Can you see Chuck Norris doing his famous Kick Boxing style of fighting during an encounter in a warehouse somewhere?

There were so many characters in the whole adventure, some of whom I had forgotten, so that was another recall for me. There must have been 12-14 altogether (felt like it).

And how about Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis. All of these guys are technically too old for this action, yet put together a great and entertaining performance in this movie. They came back for their fans.

The first thing that struck me the day we went is the number of patrons in the theater. In recent years I have seen a serious decline in the number of patrons per showing. The theater was not packed, but at least was ½ full (more than I have seen in quite some time). We all remembered and came to watch them coming back for their fans.

Arnold is (or was) a governor of some state out west for Christ sake, why would he risk his life, his health to do a movie. For his fan’s that is why. THEY were impressive enough, that there has been at least one sequel (I think two). I need to send myself this letter so I can go too (again).

Just go see the movie. You will be pleased, impressed, etc. You will laugh as we did, and cry as we did. Remember, these guys are in there 60’s plus. Go see the movie.

Sincerely; your friend and brother forever, Dale.

PS: Glenn, please (well everyone) share this letter with those I may have missed by mistake…

PSS: Glenn, you have been gone from this earth for right at two years now, but I do hope you can find this movie somewhere. Bring your new friends too. Just go and see the movie. Did you catch up with your wife Joe?

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