About No More Hype

image536“We ALL need to Play Nice” in our Marketing and Advertising. NO More taking advantage, of each other (NoMoHype). We can all be more ethical than most politicians, can’t we?

NoMoHype (No More Hype) is a great start. NO more… Lies, Bait-n-Switch, “Free Trials” (with untimely and expensive upgrades), No more BS, No Smoke and Mirrors; “we ALL need NoMoHype”.

Let’s market and sell Real products and Real services that are of Real value to our clients. “Let’s all Play Nice”, let’s be ethical.

NoMoHype will introduce &/or Refer viable, proven real products and services, the guests who “have, see, or believe” they have a need, MAY purchase them at a reasonable price.

It is not my position to sell garbage; it is my position to present real value. NoMoHype will introduce you to products and services primarily in Health, These products and services have each been or (mostly are being) used by Dale or his wife Pat, and are verified to have real value to our guests.

NoMoHype is about Referrals and Introductions of Products or Services. NoMoHype is not about SALES, but about choices, your choice. “Help ME, Help YOU”.

NoMoHype is VERY tired of the pushy (sales driven) (full of hype) offers and opportunities. What I am showing you here; I have and will refer to my sister, wife and nieces as this is not HYPE (NoMoHype).

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Please comment on the blog page or drop me an eMail if you want to learn more. NoMoHype@gMail.Com

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